Bubbletank DVD Boxset

I got this idea on April 7, 2011, when I first heard about Live 4 Sendai via thebubbletank.org, another place I frequently check. Therefor, I found out about it before the Imogen Heap Facebook and Twitter pages announced it, and probably around the same time the Ermacora Twitter page announced it. The idea is, Imogen Heap should make a four-disk DVD (make sure we can have DVD, not everyone has Blu-Ray) boxset, with a title such as "Imogen Heap: The Bubbletank." About now is the best time to make it, because there were four Bubbletank webcasts, and four is a great number in DVD boxsets. The first disk would be the Live 4 Pakistan webcast in its entirity (this would be on Disk One because Live 4 Pakistan was the first Bubbletank webcast to air, even though Love The Earth ideas came first). The second disk would have the Love The Earth webcast in its entirity. Yes, you heard that right. The pre-film stuff, the film, the whole Heap concert at Albert Hall, and anything in between. The whole webcast. The third disk would be the Live 4 Capetown webcast in its entirity. The fourth, of course, would be the famous Live 4 Sendai webcast in its entirity. Bonus content, if possible. For example, the Live 4 Pakistan disk might have the post-event video messages as bonus features. Most likely, this DVD (if it comes out) will come out after the final cut of Love The Earth. So, the second disk will have the Love The Earth webcast as the main feature (being a Bubbletank disk), and the final-cut film being next on the menu. I really hope this DVD gets accepted by Heap (and possibly Ermacora). It would look so nice in my personal media center next to the Everything In Between video. After all, Everything In Between is just one film; the Bubbletank collection is four!

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My idea for a Bubbletank-related DVD box set