Live4x ideas

What if you guys had a live4sendai 2? You could have it worked in with the best of the first one? Or totally separate. You could get different artist to perform? Since you have more time to plan it, it would give you more time to contact others to be involved. You could also give update of what is going on in Japan and what plans have been made in helping Japan. Maybe if people see what has already been planned they would feel like donating. Or what about coming up with a $ amount goal you are trying to reach? Give us all a concrete number to strive for? What about getting some business to match donations coming in? I know in other fundraisers I\\\'ve observed they will have like half hour where any donation gets matched by certain business. It has really encouraged people to donate since they know whatever they have to give gets doubled. Of course you have to have business willing to do that. Maybe people could request songs from artist performing, by paying a certain $amount.

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