Idea for raising money for Live4Sendai

"Pay per view Live4Sendai" - When you set the amount it will cost to view the "best of live4Sendai" maybe you could have an option for people to pay more than the amount you are asking if they want or are able to. Maybe some people have more that they can give now, then when Live4Sendai aired.

Also what if you had your "best of Live4Sendai" and then had some extras (like a certain song or silly moment) that if people want to see they have to pay extra for. Might be another way to get a bit more money. Just some thoughts! :o)

submitted by Sarah Mabe who wrote this about it:
I listened to a recent interview of Immi, talking about Live4Sendai. She mentioned that they are going to do a "best of live4Sendai" and have it be pay per view. I had a view ideas around it I wanted to share.