Live4x ideas for future

What if each state had a group of people whose job would be to spread the word about the event? It would be volunteer work so there wouldn't be a cost to have this group of people. These people could organize ways to get their community involved. Be it business, schools, churches, people on their street, book club, etc. I was just thinking if there was more specific/focused awareness on the event it might help. Same could be done in other counties as well. It could even be as simple as getting email list of local business and sending out information or notifying local radio stations. Some way to reach people a little more personally. Maybe people could do fundraisers in their town and donate the money to the @Live4x event? You could even have the group with the highest amount raised join you on Vokle for a little bit. Maybe also to have a little bit more notice before the @Live4x event. Give people a bit more time to gather funds. I realize it canít be a huge amount of time since there are people who are in real need.

submitted by Sarah Mabe who wrote this about it:
Ideas that came to mind after Live4Sendai, when Thomas and Immi mentioning wanting to raise more funds next time.