FeedBack Haiku

Lost Treasures in the Water

Something for Japan
Lots of people give advice
I feel so small.

Not much I can give
But I am quite curious
What Japan needs most.

Money yes, is good
My own talents, not worthy
Worth less than 5 cents.

If goal is certain
Something Japan would want most
We should give them choice.

Ask the Japanese
To write to live4sendai
What each one misses.

A Car, toy, ring, rose
Things rare each person treasures
To replace, instead.

With their heart in mind
We mend it, give them power
Make wishes come true.

submitted by Austin_Brand who wrote this about it:
This submission, I was in thought for a long time. I finally decided to come up with an idea to help Japan. I know money is being donated, I donate through Red Cross from Ben Folds mention, quite sad when I heard on the news. I cried both times when tsunamis hit the world in my lifetime. My idea is simply: Ask Japan to send requests of one thing they are missing: Something lost in the tsunami. It could be an item not found with a dollar or coin, or perhaps it must be custom made or found in a certain area of the world. Whatever these items are, those which are lost, they can be replaced, hopefully. That is my idea. At any rate, if my idea is not helpful, at least you can enjoy the Haiku. Sincerely Austin