Rebuilding Sendai

Two ideas:

1) From viewing numerous videos of the tsunami in Sendai, it appears that the taller buildings (2+ story) were able to resist the earthquake and force of the tsunami, whereas the lower-rise buildings were swept away. Perhaps the reconstruction should focus on providing taller buildings, although this will obviously give a much more urban feel. Without understanding the historical and social context of Sendai, however, this may not be an ideal solution. At the least, taller buildings could provide safe area emergency shelters.

2) New buildings could be oriented to have a corner facing the ocean like the bow of a boat, which could divert the rushing water away from the structure. Some testing would need to be done to determine if this idea would significantly reduce hydraulic pressure on the side of a building, but it might be worth exploring. This idea could be used in conjunction with the first idea, so that the lowest floors of a mid-to-high rise structure could have a rotated base.

submitted by Jason Ruby who wrote this about it:
I practice architecture in Colorado, and appreciate that this event is asking people for solutions in addition to donating money. Great job!