Many Hands Make Easy Work

Coming from the Bible Belt of the US, I've noticed that as a result of our privilege there are thousands of young adults who take time out of their weekends, vacations, etc. to take part in service projects, usually through a religious (mostly Christian) organizations. Especially here in the south, we've been traveling to Mexico to build houses for homeless families for ages, mostly due to the ease of getting there. I think finding a cheap, effective way to bring in as many people willing to volunteer as possible to the areas of Japan that need rebuilding could really do some good.

submitted by Duke Lambert who wrote this about it:
I'm a 21-year-old college student from the DFW area of TX, right near one of the biggest airports in the country. It's also a very rich area where there are lots of youth with way too much time on their hands. After organizing several projects for charity, including trips to Mexico, I've noticed that these kinds of projects are not only good for the people we're helping, but also good for the people we send. I think they grow so much in the short time they spend helping, and it's beautiful that both the helped and the helpers can enrich their lives through community service. I'm sure that something could be worked out with the US flight system to get some of these hard workers to Japan where they're needed.