Channeling community trauma into creativity

My immediate thought in terms of "reconstruction" is reconstruction of human lives. I work in music and art-related fields and have learnt from experience that one of the most amazing ways for people to reconnect with their own sense of self, and with each other, is through creativity. The trauma, which ensues after something so horrific as the Japanese tsunami, needs to be let out - spoken about, and channeled into something very positive. The process of artistic expression itself (whatever the product turns out to be) is so can really act as a language for people to express feelings about things too difficult to directly put into words.

I've seen actor friends of mine put on drama/music workshops for children who've been through massive traumas, and the way the kids respond is really beautiful.

Perhaps there could be multi-generational creative community sessions where people can be together and feel a shared sense of human experience...and share ideas...and maybe work together on something (off the top of my head, perhaps a public art piece, or the like) which could form part of a public space in a re-built community. A garden would also fulfill this very well, as it requires ongoing maintenance and therefore ongoing "togetherness".

Thankyou for your amazing work - really inspiring

LD x

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