Live 4 Sendai

Live 4 Sendai - 5pm EST/10pm BST - April 11th

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Following a second quake in Sendai less than a month from the devastating events on March 11th, join us on from 5pm EDT for a unique interactive online fund raising event.

Musicians Imogen Heap, Kaki King, Jamie Cullum, Amanda Palmer, Sue & The Unicorn (aka Sue Denim of Robots In Disguise), Zoe Keating ,Ben Folds, Amos Lee and KT Tunstall will provide intimate live performances and guest speakers from Japan and around the world will inform and discuss the issues now facing Sendai.

We ask you to 'click to donate' during the show Ze Frank will be hosting, to raise money for a choice of four different charities. Three of whom you know well Oxfam, UNICEF and the Red Cross through Virgin Unite and Architecture For Humanity whom you may not know as well, but we feel are key at this time to make things happen on the ground.

Architecture For Humanity is the leading organization in finding ways to rebuild places with a focus on longer term community needs. Beyond giving money we would like to take this opportunity to crowd-source a place for them to work on, then crowd-source design ideas and solutions which may end up in a publication for the chosen community if we get enough submissions.

On the submissions page we will ask you to tell us: which place you think needs the most attention by 1pm EDT on April 11th (details coming soon). An hour later at 2pm EDT we will announce the chosen location.

We will then invite everyone, designers and non-designers alike to contribute sketches and thoughts for a model house which will serve as a template for a wider design contest for Architecture For Humanity.

Out intent is to generate ideas from all around the world that focus on replicable and localised neighbourhood scale projects for the rebuild in Sendai. We hope you send us as many designs as possible so that the panel (Cameron Sinclair, Thomas Ermacora and friends) can designate a candidate to come and help the work in Sendai with Architecture For Humanity.

All in all, we get the opportunity to raise some cash, find a project, and design the building or space and see what the outcome of it all is.

Imogen Heap & Thomas Ermacora previously produced other similar events (Live 4 Pakistan & Live 4 Capetown) using the power of social media meets entertainment to get audiences closer and contributing to the solution of current issues.

Event Line-up

Producers: Imogen Heap & Thomas Ermacora / Bubbletank

Recipient: Architecture For Humanity, The Red Cross, Unicef and Oxfam

Partners: Virgin Unite and Rainmaker Social Giving

Lead Location: The Hit Factory Criteria, Miami, USA

Host: Ze Frank

Musicians: Imogen Heap, Kaki King, Jamie Cullum, Amanda Palmer, Sue & The Unicorn (aka Sue Denim of Robots In Disguise), Zoe Keating ,Ben Folds, Amos Lee and KT Tunstall.

Panel: Cameron Sinclair (Architecture For Humanity), Thomas Ermacora (Clear Village) + friends.

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